Suggested Competitors

GET 20 Credits / Request /android/applications/{APPLICATION_ID}/keywords/competitors.json

Suggested Competitors allow you to get a list of applications that are competing with the given application on search result. These application are ranked at similar positions on the app main keywords. This is usefull to watch for new competitors, or to check the app position in the market.

Suggested Competitors Request

This method returns the top 10 most relevant competitors we found.

Header parameters
Your AppTweak API Key.
Query parameters
country: string us

The two letter country code (ISO Alpha-2) you want to fetch the app in.

us. Get the list of our country codes, here.

language: string en

The two letter language (ISO Alpha-2) you want to fetch the application in.

en. Get the list of our language codes, here.

GET /android/applications/{APPLICATION_ID}/keywords/competitors.json

Request example
GET /android/applications/com.facebook.katana/keywords/competitors.json?country=us&language=en
cURL example
curl -X GET -H "X-Apptweak-Key: ${API_KEY}" ""

Suggested Competitors Response

The response is an array. Each element of the array corresponding to a competitor.

Object properties
id: number

The ID that Apple has given to the application.

genres: array

The list of category the app is listed on. See the supported categories list to match the category_id to it's human friendly name. The special category_id 0 is used to refer to the global rankings across all categories combined.

icon: string

The URL of the icon as it appears on the App Store.

price: string

Price of the application as displayed in the App Store in the target country.

rating: string

Value describing the average rating for the application.

title: string

The App name as it appears on the App Store, in the chosen language.

version: string

The current version of the application.

Response Example

  "content": [
      "id": "com.facebook.orca",
      "title": "Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free",
      "icon": "",
      "genres": [
      "price": "",
      "rating": 0,
      "version": ""
      "id": "com.facebook.lite",
      "title": "Facebook Lite",
      "icon": "",
      "genres": [
      "price": "",
      "rating": 0,
      "version": ""
  "metadata": {
    "request": {
      "path": "/android/applications/com.facebook.katana/keywords/competitors.json",
      "store": "android",
      "params": {
        "country": "us",
        "language": "en",
        "id": "com.facebook.katana",
        "format": "json"
      "performed_at": "2018-12-11 15:33:58 UTC"
    "content": {