Reviews are endpoints that allow you to fetch reviews that AppTweak has been able to gather about a specific app on the Google Play Store in the selected country.

The application review object

The review list contains a series of review entries describing comments made by users on a specific application in the selected country.

Note that we limit the reviews returned by the API depending on which endpoint has been reached to fetch the reviews. Please refer to the documentation of each Reviews endpoints for more details.

Object properties
application_id: number

The ID that Google has given to the application.

author: hash

Key/value pairs describing the author of the review.

body: string

The "body" of the review, its main content.

body_length: number

The number of characters used in the body of the review.

date: datetime

The date on which the review has been posted on the Google Play Store for the related application.

id: number

The ID that Google has given to the review.

rating: number

The number of stars the user gave to the application (Integer 1 => 5).

sort_score: hash

Key/value pairs describing the score of this review depending on the type of sort (most_useful, most_recent, most_critical and most_positive).

title: string

The review title.

Object Example

  "language": "us",
  "application_id": "com.facebook.katana",
  "version": "",
  "date": "2018-11-16T18:26:21Z",
  "rating": 1,
  "title": "",
  "body": "The most recent update make the extra menus hard to navigate, also the most recent news feed is not the most recent activity at all for my friends as it has a post from 3 hours ago near the top. I am deleting the app and sticking to the web version. This is proper shite.",
  "body_length": 271,
  "id": "gp:AOqpTOGf06pg2jkkAiE2JNQkAD6xwHjZybPWJstwhJd2AyK3nRZVKPbHLd8tQmYeBD-a8IlcaCpICKtEC4KdNA",
  "author": {
    "name": "Gareth Havard",
    "photo": "",
    "profile": ""
  "sort_score": {
    "most_useful": 1542754836