GET 1 Credits / Request /android/applications/{APPLICATION_ID}/metadata.json

Metadata allows you to fetch all the information that AppTweak has been able to gather about a specific app on the Google Play Store.

Please note that the example has been stripped of redundant data to keep the documentation as concise as possible. The API might return additional, undocumented fields in the JSON, which your App should not rely upon.

Metadata Request

In AppTweak, you always fetch an app, in a specific country, in a specific language, on a specific device. We reply with all the information we have for this app.

Header parameters
Your AppTweak API Key.
Path parameters
Application ID for which you want to get the metadata.
Query parameters
country: string us

The two letter country code (ISO Alpha-2) you want to fetch the app in.

us. Get the list of our country codes, here.

language: string en

The two letter language (ISO Alpha-2) you want to fetch the application in.

en. Get the list of our language codes, here.

max-age: number 94608000

Maximum age of the metadata, expressed in seconds. Lower max-age will give fresher results, but will slow down the request as we have a higher chance of having to refresh the data.

604800 seconds (one week)

GET /android/applications/{APPLICATION_ID}/metadata.json

Request example
GET /android/applications/com.espn.score_center/metadata.json?country=gb&language=en&max-age=86400
cURL example
curl -X GET -H "X-Apptweak-Key: ${API_KEY}" ""

Metadata Response

The response to the application metadata request is a deep JSON hash containing all necessary data to get an overview of the application state on the App Store in the last 30 days.

Object properties
content_rating: string

The ratings are intended to help consumers, especially parents, identify potentially objectionable content that exists within an app. App ratings are not meant to reflect the intended audience.

description: string

The app description as it appears on the Google Play Store, in the chosen language.

feature_graphic: string

The URL of the developer logo as it appears on the Google Play Store.

genres: array

The list of category the app is listed on. See the supported categories list to match the category_id to it's human friendly name. The special category_id ALL is used to refer to the global rankings across all categories combined.

icon: string

The URL of the icon as it appears on the Google Play Store.

price: string

The price of the app as displayed on the Google Play Store.

permissions: array

The list of permissions the app may try to access. Notably, the presence of the permission android.permission.BILLING indicates the presence of in-app purchases.

rating: hash

Key/value pairs describing the average rating for the application.

screenshots: array

List of application screenshot urls.

short_description: string

The short description explaining the purpose of the app.

size: hash

Key/value pairs describing the size of the app.

slug: string

URL friendly version of the app name.

title: string

The App name as it appears on the Google Play Store, in the chosen language.

versions: array

A list of version hash. Each version hash specifies the version number, the date on when it was released and the release notes in the chosen language.

videos: array

List of application videos urls.

similar_apps: array

List of top 15 applications that are similar to given application. This list is suggested by Google under Similar apps section on the application page view in Google Play Store.

application_id: string

ID defined by the developer which uniquely identifies the application in Google Play Store.

developer: hash

Key/value pairs describing the developer.

Response Example

  "content": {
    "versions": [
        "version": "6.6.1",
        "release_notes": "- Tiger, Serena, Federer, Russ, Steph, Trout, and Odell. Now you can follow all of your favourite players in the app. Personalised scores, videos, and articles in your Home and Scores tabs.<br>- Team rosters and player stats on newly redesigned player pages let you check anyone’s PPG, Game Log, and more right from the app.<br>- Keep up with the NFL Draft on April 25th, and follow those new rookies directly from DraftCast.<br>- Bug fixes and optimizations.",
        "release_date": "2019-05-01 00:00:00 +0000"
        "version": "5.10",
        "release_notes": "- Looking for news about your favorite teams? Swipe through the latest stories and videos right from the home screen.   <br>- Bug fixes and performance improvements.",
        "release_date": "2017-08-17 00:00:00 +0000"
    "icon": "",
    "genres": [
    "title": "ESPN",
    "description": "From scores to signings, the ESPN App is here to keep you updated. Never miss another sporting moment with up-to-the-minute scores, latest news &amp; a range of video content. Sign in and personalise the app to receive alerts for your teams and leagues. Wherever, whenever; the ESPN app keeps you connected. <br><br>What do you get with ESPN?<br>Fast access to scores from Football, Cricket, F1, NBA, NFL, Tennis, Golf, MLB and more.<br>Stories and videos from your favourite teams and leagues front and centre in your favourites feed. Simply pick your favourite leagues and teams to get started.<br>Get real-time notifications on score updates and breaking news for your favourite teams, directly to your device.<br> <br>For fans in India<br>Through its collaboration with Sony Pictures Networks (SPN) in India and the subcontinent – sports fans will get access to a powerful portfolio of sports rights including Euro 2016, La Liga and NBA.<br><br>For fans in the Philippines<br>- In collaboration with 5, the ESPN5 edition brings Philippine fans the best in international and local coverage, including NBA, PBA, Gilas, Boxing, and much more.",
    "price": "",
    "screenshots": [
    "permissions": [
    "videos": [

    "short_description": "ESPN – Sports scores, news, and video",
    "size": {
      "current": {
        "data": 24413757
    "feature_graphic": "",
    "content_rating": "PEGI 3",
    "rating": {
      "average": 4.2
    "similar_apps": [
        "application_id": "",
        "title": "Bleacher Report",
        "icon": "",
        "short_description": "Your Club's News First! Get your team's news in one place with real-time alerts.",
        "price": "",
        "rating": 4.438973903656006
        "application_id": "",
        "title": "NFL",
        "icon": "",
        "short_description": "The official app of the NFL is the best, pure football app for any fan!",
        "price": "",
        "rating": 4.085052967071533
        "application_id": "",
        "title": "ESPN Fantasy Sports",
        "icon": "",
        "short_description": "One home for all your fantasy games",
        "price": "",
        "rating": 4.028263568878174
    "slug": "espn",
    "application_id": "com.espn.score_center",
    "developer": {
      "name": "ESPN Inc",
      "email": "",
      "website": ""
  "metadata": {
    "request": {
      "path": "/applications/com.espn.score_center/metadata.json",
      "store": "android",
      "params": {
        "country": "gb",
        "language": "en",
        "max-age": 86400,
        "id": "com.espn.score_center",
        "format": "json"
      "performed_at": "2019-05-07 09:20:53 UTC"
    "content": {