Live Search (Apple Store)

GET 3 Credits / Request /ios/applications/searches.json

Live Search allow you to query the App Store for a term and get the ordered list of applications that would appear on a user device when he types that specific term on the App Store search box. The first application is the one that would appear on top of the user result page. Additionaly the total number of applications responding to the search term.

Live Search Request

Header parameters
Your AppTweak API Key.
Query parameters
country: string us

The two letter country code (ISO Alpha-2) you want to fetch the app in.

us. Get the list of our country codes, here.

device: string iphone

The device you want to fetch the application for.

iphone or ipad

language: string en

The two letter language (ISO Alpha-2) you want to fetch the application in.

en. Get the list of our language codes, here.

term: string

Term to search for.

For instance: bug

num: string 10

Number of items you want to fetch

GET /ios/applications/searches.json

Request example
GET /ios/searches.json?country=es&language=es&device=iphone&term=candy&num=20
cURL example
curl -X GET -H "X-Apptweak-Key: ${API_KEY}" ""

Live Search Response

The response for the Live Search request is a JSON hash containing a list of applications matching the given term in the selected country on the App Store.

Object properties
id: number

The ID that Apple has given to the application.

developer: string

Developer's name.

devices: array

The list of devices the app is available on. Can contain : ipad, ipod and iphone.

genres: array

The list of category the app is listed on. See the supported categories list to match the category_id to it's human friendly name. The special category_id 0 is used to refer to the global rankings across all categories combined.

icon: string

The URL of the icon as it appears on the App Store.

in_apps: boolean

Flag specifying if the app has in app purchases.

price: string

Price of the application as displayed in the App Store in the target country.

rating: string

Value describing the average rating for the application.

slug: string

URL friendly version of the app name.

title: string

The App name as it appears on the App Store, in the chosen language.

metadata > content: hash

Key/value pairs listing the top 1500 apps (array of application IDs) matching the given term.


size: number

Number of items fetched (equals to the provided query param: num).

total_size: number

Total number of items found in the Apple database and matching the given criteria.

result_ids: array

Top 1500 apps (array of application IDs) matching the given criteria in the AppTweak database.

Response Example

  "content": [
      "id": 1010677881,
      "title": "World Chef",
      "icon": "",
      "developer": "Social Point",
      "price": "0,00 €",
      "genres": [
      "devices": [
      "slug": "world-chef",
      "rating": 4.5,
      "in_apps": true
  "metadata": {
    "request": {
      "path": "/searches.json",
      "store": "ios",
      "params": {
        "country": "fr",
        "language": "fr",
        "device": "iphone",
        "term": "chef",
        "num": 10,
        "format": "json"
      "performed_at": "2018-10-30 10:42:02 UTC"
    "content": {
      "size": 10,
      "total_size": 6903,
      "result_ids": [