Why follow an app?

Some endpoints, such as the one that will give information about reviews, will only give information for applications that are followed by our users. This is because we have no way to get that information without fetching it from time to time.

You might already be used to that interaction if you use AppTweak's ASO Tool and if you already follow the apps you need information there, you don't need to take any action here. However, if you don't use the tool, we recommend that you follow apps for which you might be interested in. You can follow a maximum of 50 applications.

Followed apps are associated to your user, which means that they are shared between all your tokens.

The result may take up to 24 - 48 hours to show after you start following the app.

The followed app object

When interacting with the followed app endpoints, you will always have some common attributes.

Object properties
id: string

An id generated by us to identify this followed app uniquely

store: string

To which store the app belongs to: itunes or google

country: string

The two letter country code (ISO Alpha-2) of the followed app

language: string

The two letter language (ISO Alpha-2) of the followed app

device: string

The device of the application you are following


ID of the application you are following.

Object Example

  "content": {
    "id": "47592be8-aecd-431a-913b-104238fdf50f",
    "store": "itunes",
    "application_id": "1229021451",
    "country_code": "us",
    "language": "us",
    "device": "iphone"
  "metadata": {
    "request": {
      "path": "/api/followed_apps",
      "params": {
        "application_id": "1229021451",
        "country_code": "us",
        "language": "us",
        "device": "iphone",
        "store": "itunes"
    "performed_at": "2019-07-31T15:35:21.504Z"